It finally happened, and you said YES.  Now what?  Among the series of never ending decisions you have to make regarding the cake, napkins, invitations, reception, D.J., etc... choosing the right photographer is paramount.

     Too often couples shop based on price, and not style.  What is your style?  What do you and your fiancé enjoy doing together? Can the bargain photographer you found on Craigslist capture that?  I am happily in a relationship, and can relate with you.  I understand the stress, emotion, and love that go into your big day.  I use my time wisely and cater to your needs.  

     Are you worried about getting a stress pimple the morning of your wedding day, or maybe "glistening" a bit too much on the alter?  I am very fluid in photo editing, and while I cannot make a brunette blonde, I can edit and correct images to make your big day, and captured memories perfect.

Wedding & Engagement Session

Packages starting at $2500 Call or email for full details

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